Ganoderma Sporo-Pollen Capsules 60Capsules

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A miracle herb formed 3,000 years ago, ganoderma lucidum (Lingzhi) was used by royal families to cure diseases. Lingzhi can help strength one s immune system. It nourish the liver and kidneys, promotes blood circulation and metabolism. It can also relieve the problem of early aging. It is suitable for elderly, people with long-term sickness and those who are weak. HERBS Generation Ganoderma Sporo-Pollen Capsules is 98 % wall-broken as proved by local university, it is a health product produced scientifically from traditional eastern medicinal herb. Function: Strengthen the immune system Nourish the liver and kidneys Promote blood circulation and metabolism Suitable For: Elderly Those who have long-term sickness Those who are caught sick easily or easily fatigue Dosage: 1-2 capsules for daily supplement 1-2 times per day (3 capsules each time for therapeutic purpose) 3 times per day (6 capsules each time for serious therapeutic purpose) To be taken with empty stomach

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