Ichikami Hair Treatment 180G 3 Types

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Preventive beauty care series that is derived from Japanese women's hair research. Protects the hair from the essence as well as repairs damage. Leads to hard-to-damage hair each time it is used. Repair & preventive ingredient pure, Japanese grass premium extract combination. Uses plant-derived amino acid cleaning ingredients. Non-silicone, sulfate-free prescription. Damage repair + Cuticle prevention. Airy & Silky Fresh fruit and cherry blossom scent. Gives hair that is particularly damaged to the moisture and luster lost due to damage, reinforces cuticles of thin and soft hair. Smoothing Wild cherry blossoms scent. Smooths your fingers, protects your hair from damage caused by friction, and moisturizes even the hair that is particularly damaging. Gives it a moist and moisturized hair that leads to beautiful and shiny hair. Moisturizing: Sweet apricot and cherry blossom scent. It penetrates into the hair, replenishes moisture and luster lost due to damage. Charges moisture on both the hair and the skin, preventing dryness and finishing the hair tightly to the core. How to use: After shampooing, lightly drain the water, apply an appropriate amount to the hair, and then wash after 1 to 2 minutes.

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